Learning Disabilities Dyslexia and Reading Problems

Learning disabilities dyslexia and reading problems of various types are on the increase in our classrooms, and teachers are almost powerless to combat this phenomenon!  There is hope for parents, however, because many of those children diagnosed as dyslexics can be helped as this article will outline… What is the Difference Between Learning Disabilities Dyslexia […]

Where Do You Start to Provide Reading Help for Children?

If you are searching for a way to provide reading help for children it is often difficult to know where to start.  As you would readily recognize, simply going over and over the same material endlessly does not really provide reading help for children, but rather it compounds the misery of their failure at reading, […]

Eye Tracking in Learning Disability

If you are struggling to help a child with a learning disability then the question of eye tracking when reading may have come up more than once.  Eye tracking refers to the ability of the reader to control their eye movements so that their eyes are pointing to the right place all the time when […]