Does At Home Vision Therapy Have to be So Boring?

At home vision therapy is a series of exercises designed to change a child’s visual system and improve their learning ability, from the comfort of your own home.   With vision being responsible for over 80% of the information a child absorbs in the classroom, it makes sense that at home vision therapy can help children […]

Do Vision Therapy Activities Work?

Vision therapy activities are used by Behavioural Optometrists around the world to help children develop their visual skills.  The aim is not so much to perform certain tasks in an office, but rather to help the child with learning disabilities or visual dysfunction and to aid them as they learn and develop through their schooling. […]

Learning Disabilities Dyslexia and Reading Problems

Learning disabilities dyslexia and reading problems of various types are on the increase in our classrooms, and teachers are almost powerless to combat this phenomenon!  There is hope for parents, however, because many of those children diagnosed as dyslexics can be helped as this article will outline… What is the Difference Between Learning Disabilities Dyslexia […]

Children Learning Disabilities and Vision Therapy

No One Talks About Children Learning Disabilities and Vision Therapy… Vision Therapy can be a very effective tool for treating children learning disabilities, and it remains one of the most practical and easy to implement therapies available to help learning disabilities worldwide. Helping children with learning disabilities is a controversial and often confusing task because […]

Learning Disability Resources

Providing children with learning disabilities resources that actually make a difference in their development has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. Despite the fact that diagnosing learning disabilities is a very broad subject, not often agreed upon among professionals, the learning difficulties definition is far easier to tie down: The definition is […]